Mikrotik 1.25Gb/s Single.Mode SFP 20KM


Optical Transceiver Module, 1310nm,,20km Reach

● Compliant with SFP MSA standard
● Compliant with IEEE 802.3z
● 3.3V DC power supply
● 1310nm, FP LD, 1250Mbps, 20km
● Difference LVPECL inputs and outputs
● Duplex LC connector
● Compliant with SFF-8472
● Hot Pluggable
● ROHS compliant

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1.25Gb/s SFP LX Optical Transceiver Module, 1310nm,,20km Reach

● Gigabit Ethernet data link
● Data storage networks
● Fiber Channel Switch Infrastructure
● Optical access network
● Other optical links
Optcore 1250Mbps SFP LX is a high performance and cost effective optical transceiver module. It is designed to
meet Gigabit Ethernet application. The 1.25G SFP LX optical transceiver consists of two sections: the
transmitter section consists of a high reliability 1310nm FP LD with monitor photo detector (MPD) in eye safety;
the receiver section consists of a high-speed InGaAs PIN photodiode (PD) and trans-impedance preamplifier.
The output of the PD drives the post-amplification, quantizing, and optical signal detection circuits. The receiver
is built in the LOS monitoring function. For further information, please see SFP MSA and SFF-8472 standard.

Absolute Maximum Ratings
Parameter Symbol Min Max Unit
Storage Temperature TS -40 85 ºC
Operating Temperature To 0 70 ºC
Storage Relative Humidity RHS – 95 %
Power Supply VCC – 3.3 V
Lead Solder Temperature TSLD – 260 ºC
Lead Solder Duration tSLD – 10 s
Optical and Electrical Characteristics
Parameter Symbol Min. Typical Max. Unit Notes
Centre Wavelength λC 1261 1310 1360 nm
Average Output Power P0ut -9 -3 dBm
Spectral Width (RMS) σ 4 nm
Extinction Ratio ER 8.2 dB
Output Optical Eye Compatible with Telcordia GR-253-CORE and ITU-T
Data Input Swing Differential VIN 400 1600 mV
Input Differential Impedance ZIN 90 100 110 Ω
TX Disable
Disable 2.0 Vcc V
Enable 0 0.8 V
TX Fault
Fault 2.0 Vcc+0.3 V
Normal 0 0.8 V
Centre Wavelength λC 1260 1580 nm

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