Mikrotik Router OS Level 4


Mikrotik Router OS level 4.

for installation on x86 appliance or Router Board upgrade.

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After installing the free trial version of RouterOS on a PC, you will
certainly want to keep using it. To do this, you need to purchase
a license key. There are four types of RouterOS license keys
available, indicated by a “level number”. The lowest level is 3,
which has wireless client functionality and limited number of
active users, and the highest is level 6 which doesn’t have any
limitations, as you can see in the table on left.
It’s important to note that regardless of license level chosen,
all RouterOS installations allow you to use unlimited number
of interfaces, include limited technical support over email and
never stop working. In fact, the RouterOS license allows you to
install any upgrades that MikroTik might release, up until the
last upgrade of the next major release since you purchased
your key. If you want, you can keep using RouterOS on that final
release – RouterOS license never expires.
It’s also important to note that each license is bound to the drive
it’s installed on, which means that each Router needs a separate
license key.
All RouterBOARD devices made by MikroTik are already
preinstalled with a licensed RouterOS version and don’t require
additional purchases.


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